As a figurative and landscape artist I paint icons (devotional works in both Eastern Orthodox and contemporary styles) and, increasingly, landscapes which focus on the natural, rather than man-made, environment.

In my work as a commercial graphics designer I have produced websites, business logos, corporate brochures etc. Also, in a freelance capacity, I have produced the artwork for several books, including covers:

and illustrations:

as well as an adult colouring book for science fiction fans:

My landscapes and nature studies are all painted in acrylics on canvas. I love the immediacy of acrylics - the requirement to paint decisively and quickly, almost intuitively, has trained me to respond with spontaneity, to capture the spirit - the life, colour, vitality or indeed the stillness - of a fleeting moment in the landscape.

The painting of orthodox religious icons demands an understanding of, and adherence to, the historical conventions of the art form in deference to which, for example, I paint the images on wood. However, even within this tradition, there is scope for me to express myself and hopefully imbue the image with the emotion and sense of devotion that I feel towards the subject.

As seems appropriate, I use a more fluid and intuitive approach to the painting of icons of a more contemporary style. For these I use acrylics on canvas.

Some of the artworks shown here are for sale. If you are interested, please contact me via the email address given on the Contact Me page of this site.